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Association battles to attain curriculum accreditation

In its efforts to generate a full curriculum for the broader spectrum of flooring installation over the last seven years, Flooring Industry Training Association (Fita) has had difficulties with the Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (QCTO), as the qualifications process seemed to take much longer than initially expected. Extensive research has been done by […]

Local steel industry still holds much potential

The current capacity and capabilities of the local steel industry are still largely understated, says export trade promotion agency the International Steel Fabricators (ISF). Powered by WPeMatico

Construction changes affect flooring quality

Changes in materials and construction methods in the built environment have led to an increase in problematic subfloors, which lead to poor end-results, says flooring distributor Polyflor SA CEO Tandy Coleman. These changes include the addition of chemical additives in concrete manufacturing, the increased water ratio in cement, power floating and fast-tracking building programmes. Powered […]

Flooring company to start green project

Flooring contractor KBAC Flooring will handle a 1 400 m2   external raised paving installation project in Centurion for M&T Development, set to start in April 2020. The project is believed to be the first of its kind in Africa using a unique locally manufactured product. KBAC Flooring will provide its external raised access paving solution […]

The night a Van der Merwe and Ledwaba took gold in London

After twenty years of first finding ways to kickstart the Gautrain project, then building and running the urban rapid-rail system, Gautrain Management Agency CEO Jack van der Merwe has retired. His skills are not lost to Gauteng, however, as he is set to lead the newly established Transport Authority of Gauteng (TAG) from March 1. […]

Dangote Cement to start exports from Congo after Nigerian export woes

Dangote Cement said on Wednesday it planned to start exports from its Congo Republic plants to neighbouring States after its Nigerian exports fell 41% in 2019 when Nigeria’s government closed its borders. Nigeria shut its land border in August to curb the smuggling of rice to neighbouring states where it sells for more and an […]